We reach Krasny Yar!

We reach Krasny Yar!

Krasny Yar is reached by crossing three bridges over the Bikin River. When I was last here 18 years ago, the bridgse did not exisit. To reach the village, people would at this point get in a small boat and travel upstream for about 300 yards.

The bridges were built in 1996. Even through Krasny Yar is now connected to the road system, the village is more isolated than before because the dirt road to the village is in much worse condition. The road is so bad that the bus from Luchegorsk, the nearest significant town, has stopped coming here. Luchegorsk is about 60 miles away, but it takes 3.5 hours to 6 hours to reach the town, depending on the ruggedness of the vehicle.

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