Leaving for Krasny Yar

Svetlana’s nephew, Andrea, a police man, will be taking us to Svetlana’s village, Krasny Yar, today. It’s about a four and a half hour drive on a rugged road through the forest. We are waiting for him here in the city of Khabarovsk, where we have been staying with Svetlana’s cousin, Ira.  It has been very comfortable here, as Ira loves to cook and has been feeding us great food around the clock (see Ihila’s post).

 I doubt there is any Internet access in Krasny Yar, You probably won’t here from us for a while.  We plan to be there until around Aug. 19.

Yesterday, we drove outside the city to meet Svetlanan’as brother, who was building a rustic datcha and bunya (sauna).  It was an emotional meeting because they have not seen each other in 17 years. Ihila met  his two sons, her cousins.  I took some photographs, which I will try to put on the blog before we depart for Kransy Yar. 



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